Masseria Almadava
Resort Polignano a Mare
Charming house
it’s a big one
love story

A long-sought country farmhouse, finally found, expertly valued and inhabited by the same owners who decided to share this space with those who are looking for a resort in Polignano a mare for an exclusive stay.

Nestled in the Puglia countryside, halfway between sea and hills, the Almadava farm is a charming home where every detail counts.

Six fantastic rooms, bright and finely furnished, deliciously adorned common spaces, result of a meticulous recovery work, a large outdoor pool and a restaurant with an evocative name: Euforia.

Almadava is a precious gem, ideal to spend the most relaxing time of your life, indulged by the attentions of our staff, always attentive to fulfil all your wishes.

Masseria Almadava all'imbrunire
Fine finishes for the rooms

A boutique hotel where nothing is left to chance: valuable materials for finishes on the outside; unconventional furniture choices for the rooms; selected organic local delicatessen in the kitchen.

Almadava is a great love story for this “masseria”, for this land and its sky full of intense, genuine and unique scents.

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