The house
that will be
your holiday home

Almadava is an old and completely restored 19th century farmhouse
in the Puglia countryside at Polignano a Mare.
Almadava represents the old-world warmth of the hearth, tranquility, a peaceful haven where you can rest for a few days and enjoy the slow pace of
nature and country life.

The farm retains the original charm of a bygone era,
with details faithful to rural tradition.
The six guest rooms feature a range of colors and decors
created by craftsmen who used recovered materials to create a unique, setting under the careful guidance of the owners.
Each room combines simplicity and elegance,
passion and feeling.

In traditional farmhouse style, communal spaces
are dedicated to conviviality, togetherness, sharing and socializing.
The wide portico, the cellar, the citrus trees, the orchard and
the synergistic organic garden all add to the rural atmosphere, while
a superb swimming pool surrounded by greenery
and blending with the environment is the sole concession to modernity.

The house
Calipso room
Circe room
Itaca room
Penelope room
Nausicaa room
Tiresia room
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