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Our journey continues, the absolute myth of Ulysses, the adventure, the vicissitudes of life, the episodes, the lucid madness of a project that has changed our destiny.

The Moira, the Fate, the absolute passion for the unknown, for what we conquer daily and that inexorably becomes ours.

Euforia: it could be the final goal, the right completion of a vision that has exploded into reality.


Euforia: bearer of well-being, she gives wings to the creature, which sails cabotating islands and headlands.


Euforia: the courage of the absolute, the wild simplicity of food that turns into unhappy therapy of unique sensations.


Euforia: projects our souls towards the world of cuisine and the emotions of the palate, the discreet charm of well-being at the table, combined with the mystical beauty of our wandering ship.


Euforia: he will bring us from his very essence the Vate Campano who ripping the sky, will mark the night of shining flashes of teacher


The house

that will be your home
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The encounter

between people and stories
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which is part of us
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